In 2018 Hawaii did not have a SKYWARN recognition day on Oahu.

In 2019 they are having a time when you can call in simulated weather reports and that is it.

What am I missing here?

Yes is it a volunteer program, but if we are not going to put in an effort to recognize SKYWARN participants or the program, then way have it? Is it to add to the ARES monthly hours? Is it to say “we have SKYWARN?”

I suggest we can do better and that we must do better or we should just drop the program.


  1. Have a time where you have visitors tour the station and show and tell time.
  2. Show volunteers what happens when reports come in.
  3. Show them the equipment and antennas.
  4. Have a SKYWARN refresher course or a new course.
  5. Attempt to get SKYWARN in front of the local media. (TV, Print, Radio, Social Media)

I would suggest right now on Oahu, SKYWARN is just a program that is an after thought to support ARES.

Maybe I am missing events that are scheduled on Oahu. If I am, then please let me know.