I did a presentation at our local club in Honolulu on growing numbers in amateur radio. Here is a video I did after the fact for others to use and view.

You can also view the live presentation on my facebook page at

Posting relevant content, original content, photos and videos are the key to growing your presence. In order to grow our numbers we need to be relevant and in the sight picture of local media, the public and organizations in our communities. Social medial can help out with getting out there.

You can follow ham radio hawaii on Facebook page and Facebook Group, Instagram and Twitter. There is a difference between a page and a group.

I also recommend each club or organization have a social medial person, preferably 2, that is engaged in the local community and is active on social media.

Your club leadership and your members should always tell the social media person what they are doing, or at least, post to social media on your club sites so others can know as well.

Always use #hashtags. For instance, if you have 5 follows then only those 5 will see what you post unless they share it. But if you use a hashtag, then everyone that follows that hashtag will see your post or possibly see your post. #hamradioporn has over 10K follows. (# Ham Radio Porn is just photos of ham radio equipment and antennas).

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