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My interest in radio started with 27 mHz back in 1974. A couple of my CB buddies got their Amateur Radio license and egged me to follow but alas, life got in the way. The idea stayed in the back of my mind and, although I learned some Morse Code as a Boy Scout, the code is what held me back from pursuing the Technician license.

I finally got my Ham Ticket January 26, 2012 and the assigned call, WH6DWT. I Changed the call to (my initials) KH6SK in February of 2012. Hey, I’m a newbie and the retirees told me I needed to change it (from SK).When I upgraded to General in July of 2012, I changed my call, hopefully for the last time to KH6WG. I made my first HF contact on July 26, 2012 as KH6WG.

Ever since I found my deceased father’s call was KH6WF, I thought that it might be nice to someday apply for that call. Finally got my ham ticket but his call is already taken so I went for the next best thing I could think of, the next call in sequence. That’s my fault for waiting 30 years. Not having his call is not stopping me from having fun and learning the hobby. My father seved in Europe with the 442nd Reginmental Combat Team as Radio Operator and Tech Sergeant.  Post war civilian life, he worked for the Federal Aviation Administration in Communications, radio and Teletype. He had passed when I was in middle school and would be in awe of the technology today. He had passed by the time I became interested in CB radio and was told the room where my CB station was the same room where he had his amateur radio station. I don’t remember him using radios at home. He must have backed off the hobby when I was very young. I remember playing with what I believe to have been an old National receiver in the basement of the house.  I recall it being big, heavy and OD Green, with a big BFO knob, some toggle switches and jeweled indicator lights.  It was never powered.

I’m not sure what model it was but it looked something like these.  Hard to recall fifty something years.  I kind of remember the “rack handles” toggle switches and jeweled lights on the left.  But I also  recall the rack mount holes like on the right.  And I remember those little display windows in the BFO knob.

I learned of his amateur radio call when I started receiving QSL’s addressed to KH6WF. No Internet back then. I drove down to Honolulu Electronics on Keeaumoku street and looked up a Call Book. Sure enough, that was his call. I thought that he had come back from the world beyond and was working DX from my CB radio, haha. Several months later a new Call Book came out and located the new owner of the call, on the Big Island of Hawaii. If my memory serves me correctly, his name was William Faulkerson (WF) on the island of Hawai`i and I forwarded the QSL’s.

My home base station today is comprised of an ICom-7300 barefoot 100w through a Radiowavz G5RV Jr. @ 18′ on a speaker stand and a paint stick. I live in an AOA restricted townhouse complex.  The antenna goes up on Friday and comes down Sunday. A lot of people look down on that antenna but it works for me.  It fits in my space and it works on many bands.  Although it’s a “compromise” antenna, I’ve worked almost ninety DXCC entities with seventy confirmed.  I guess my favorite DX is V51GB, Gert, in Tsumeb Namibia, a little over twelve thousand miles away.  The reason it’s cool is that his station is about three hundred miles from the antipode (opposite side of the globe) from my house.

I use a TMV-71a for VHF/UHF with an Arrow Ground Plane or an Arrow J Pole. You’ll find me on 146.100 and 146.880.  I enjoy EMCOM stuff, meeting other Hams, contesting, chasing DX and promoting Amateur Radio.  If conditions are good, I’ll work SSB but lately it’s been digital PSK.  When all else fails – Amateur Radio.

My mobile setup is a Yaesu 857D barefoot into a Hamstick while driving. I also use a HI-Q 4-80 and an MFJ-2286 Big Stick for portable (stationary mobile) operation. My mobile VHF/UHF is an ICom 208H into a Diamond NR73BNMO.

I’m currently an ARES DEC for central Oahu, encompassing the north shore and leeward coast including the Ewa plains through Halawa.  I’m also an active instructor, teaching Technician Class for amateur Radio.

From 1972 through about 2002, I was in the automotive industry repairing and maintaining cars, trucks, buses and ancillary equipment.  Since about 2002, I’ve been configuring and implementing Cisco Customer Premise Equipment switching and wireless Wi-Fi LAN, in support of both voice and data for SMB and Enterprise.  I also configure and implement CPE for Wide Area Network routing with Cisco equipment over Mulit Protocol Label Switching.  I’ve been with my current employer since 1989.  February 2016, same job, new company.

Amateur Radio History ~ 1/26/2012 Tech [WH6DWT] ~ 6/25/2012 CallSign [KH6SK]  ~ 7/24/2012 General [KH6WG] ~ 8/19/2014 Extra [KH6WG]

Thanks for visiting ~ 73 and Aloha from Hawaii,

de KH6WG ~ Steve


QSL INFORMATION:  I upload to LoTW and QRZ (usually weekly)

Paper QSL domestic SASE not required ~ International SASE $2 US or bureau



My old MFJ G5RV Jr. I use a Radiowavz now

Mobile HF FT-857D and VHF/UHF IC-208H

My V/U is on the tripod next to the downspout

My mobile with Hi-Q and Diamond Head in the background

Hidden Winch from US OffRoad and SmittyBilt XRC 9.5K Synthetic

Icom IC-7000, Kenwood TMV-71A, Powerwerx SPS-30DM, KI0BK Pwr Gate, Grp 24 AGM Battery, LDG Z11 Pro II, MFJ-4416B Battery Booster, Rig Runner 4008, IC-SP22 Speaker x2, Micro Ham USB III, Signalink,  Gator 3RU case.

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