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Did you know AMSAT has leaderboards for the FM Fox Satellites? AO-85, AO-91, AO-92 and AO-95.

Why do they have leaderboards?

Bottom line is it helps monitor the satellite’s health. You can view the battery status, the health of the radios, computers, solar panels, and other items.

AMSAT is always looking for locations to help track the satellites, especially in places where there are not a lot of people that work satellites, like Hawaii.

On Oahu there is one station that tracks and one on the big Island. On the leaderboard, the Oahu station is called FIAB-Oahu and is currently #173 on the leaderboard. FIAB-Oahu is NH7WN.

FIAB stands for Fox in a Box. Basically a raspberry pie that tracks the satellite as it sends down frames when overhead. If you activate the satellite with your handheld it will send down a lot more frames per pass. If no one activates the satallite, then it only sends 2 frame every 2 minutes. So the more people that activates the Fox Satellites, the more frames that are sent and the health can be tracked a lot better.

Fox-In-A-Bax_HI is the tracker on the Big Island but I do not know the person that is doing that one.

You can look at the latest health of the spacecraft and also see images that the satellites send back to Earth.