First go to this website.

Find the carrier of the person you need to send a text too.

You would need to know what carrier the person uses and their cell phone number.

If you have family off of Hawaii, next time you talk to them ask them who there cell phone carrier is.  Let them know if case of cell outage in Hawaii you can reach them via a text message from your radio.

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 8.20.50 PM.png
Text Received and Sent

In the subject line on the message I typed “This is the Subject” and for the Message line I put “This is the message”.

I found it interesting that the software for Winlink automatically adds the message below the lines to the text.

This is a successful text from my Winlink Express (RMS Express) computer software to my cell phone. I replied back and then received it on my software.

So it does work. Just another way that you might be able to help your community or contact family members or loved ones.

Remember that messages you send or receive are available for viewing by anyone.

The ARSFI and Winlink Global Radio Email® Privacy Policy has been updated as of April 11, 2019 to clearly state that all messages sent or received over amateur radio frequencies are publicly available for inspection.

A “Message Viewer” database has been created. The database contains messages which meet either of the following criteria:

“Winlink” messages Sent by or to only US-licensed stations on amateur radio frequencies within the last 21 days.


“Peer-to-Peer” messages Sent by or to only US-licensed stations on amateur radio frequencies within the last 21 days, using client software owned by ARSFI. These messages enter the database when one of the PTP computers is connected to the internet.

The Viewer is accessible via the Winlink web page ONLY to a registered Winlink user, being logged into the Winlink webpage using their login password


a person with a valid amateur radio callsign, name, and email address; having previously been cleared for login access to the Viewer by the WL2K Administrator.