This week we spotlight Tim, WH6FVC.


Aloha & Welcome to my QRZ Profile.  To the left there is my setup (so far), I know I know, that is an ICOM HF radio – I am only a technician class, but it is my incentive to get my General Class license so I can join my friends on HF Soon!

I’m Located in Hawaiian Ocean View Estates, on the island of Hawaii, close to the most southern landmass in the USA, however, how Madame Pele is stretching her arms (Volcano been erupting for months) that may change LOL.

As you can see, I am a new HAM, however, am not new to communications.  I have been in EMS/Firefighting/Police sine high school (Graduated 1990) and before with CB Radio (SSB/Etc.) since childhood (Dad’s Callsign was KBML3821 in S. California, USA.

I’m a computer “Geek”, own my own business repairing and building systems, and networks.  I have a Fiber 1Gb Internet feed, and plan on (eventually) having a repeater with both phone & Node access.  We have a few here, but they keep changing frequencies.

I’m also the President & Team Leader for Ocean View Community Emergency Response Team.  New member, of a very active and encouraging team. With my background in EMS and such, I feel I’m in the right place

I currently operate on a Baofeng BF-F8-HP with Nagoya NA-771 Antenna, and an older Kenwood 2m mobile 25 watt with a Nagoya UT-72 Super Loading Coil 19″ for one of my mobiles. I am looking on upgrading both, but for now, it works 🙂

UPDATE: September 2018: I’m now a member with DMR my ID# is:  3114308.  I’m running a TYT MD-380 with latest Tools firmware. working on an outdoor antenna.  I got my 10m antenna up for my HF, working on a Dual Band (70cm/2m) and all-band HF.

January 2019:  HF Radio went on the brink *LOL*, however, I’ve really been enjoying DMR, I have a TYT MD 380 and really love it, added a hotspot in my vehicle as well.

Spring 2019:  I finally got muy TYT-MD9600.  Really like it and helps me stay in touch safer and easier in my car.   I’m also putting up a UHF AllStar Repeater in Ocean View HI, as well as some digital ones this fall!  All in all studying for that dang General License!

I’ll be adding more to this profile as things change.

73 & Aloha!

You can visit Sean’s QRZ page at