This week we spotlight Gerald Luke, KH6DH.

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Simple station here, and sorry no “Iron”, but it does not mean I don’t appreciate it.  As a kid I grew up with Model 33’s, Hammurlund, National, and Hallicrafters in school.  Still have a Drake 2B, Hallicrafters S-120, Allied 2515???, and Civic Patrols somewhere in the house.  If you count “wood” there is a Sparton and a RCA Victor “Short Wave”, two Victrolas, and a Columbia Cylinder player.

Time for radio came and went during the 70’s – present, so not licensed till now.  Shack consists of “mouse (mice)” and screens.  Maybe something with real knobs in the future but 20+ inch waterfalls on multiple monitors are going to be hard to give up.  Built some of it (HF linear amplifier, tuner, wattmeter, loads, attenuators. antennas) and bought some of it (SDR things).


Love to experiment with wire and choose not to see too much of it (15-20-40-80 NVIS monoband resonant dipoles and a 15m Moxon for transmit.  All under 30 feet.  For receive there are two ultracompact inverted U dipoles by NC4FB, a LoG (20’x20′ loop on the ground), and a rotatable W6LVP mag loop. >> Honolulu has tiny yards and lots of QRM.  For VHF and UHF there are small 2m and 70cm yagis and J-pole.


Main “rig” is a FlexRadio 1500 with a Hardrock 50 linear and Elecraft KPA500 / KAT500.  A Icom IC-7300 with LiFePO4 battery as backup. Kenwood V71 for VHF/UHF with APRS, Byonics TinyTrak4, and Peet weather station (KH6DH-13).  Elevation here is approximately 405′ with no obstructions to the east, south, and west.  To the north is the mountain range and no line-of-sight to the horizon.  Downward slope mainly towards Australia/NZ/South Pacific and sort of towards South America/Japan/Big Island of Hawaii.  Cannot “see” continental USA or Alaska.  Yaesu rotator and EA4TX controller with PstRotator software for 15m or VHF.

Enjoy HF SSB phone, WSJT digital modes, WSPRflexi occasionally, and have even tried a contest or two.  Everything from Hawaii is DX!!

QRP and up to 50w most of the time …..  I use the QRZ logbook so please QSL there, thanks.


To see APRS map and info go to:!call=a%2FKH6DH-13&timerange=3600&tail=3600 

For APRS weather data go to: 

For WSPR (when active), we are usually on 20m, but occasionally on 15m and 40m, go to:

If the callsign field is empty, please type in KH6DH.  Enter the band, time interval, and “update”.  The map should show where KH6DH is being heard.

The “shack” …….. and it’s operator …. then


The shack below now, and the 4-legged operator is still around doing guard duty.


Below is the GO “around the house” KIT.  Uses a 20AH LifePO4 battery (not shown) or the mains power supply. Enough space for 2 batteries.  Fits in a milk crate or a waterproof case.  Homemade aluminum enclosure and keyer for 7300.


Below is the antenna “farm” …


W3EDP retired 6-2017, good receive signal strength, but picked up lots of noise too.  The 143′ horizontal loop also retired for the same reasons.  These antennas may be good at your QTH but you can see how close the neighbors are …..  and myself and most of them have solar panels on the roof.  Rule is “try it, if you don’t you will never know”.


The view …….. to the south,


As of 6-2017 a 6 meter Moxon was added to the setup above.  We will see if it works!  It will be swapped with the 2m yagi during June and July.  The 40m dipole is on the left.

And other dipoles for 15, 20, 80m and LoG, loop on the ground not shown


Above 15m Moxon on homebrew mini tower, Yaesu G-450 rotator

Below is a diagram of my receive antenna from a NC4FB design. There are two of them and in my location they are located at right angles to each other (switchable) and are quite quiet.  Very compact. They can be used for transmit but I have not tried that.  Located about 35 feet away from the house.


Antenna Layout


Temporary portable magnetic receive loop by W6LVP being inspected.



Aloha and 73 from Honolulu, Hawaii


You can visit Gerald’s QRZ page at