This week we spotlight David J. Cabatu, AH7E.

E-MAIL NOTICE: You MUST remove the part called “.NOSPAM” in my e-mail address. This is merely a protective measure to prevent massive amounts of spam from clogging my e-mail accounts.

RADIO EQUIPMENT: Motorola ASTRO Saber II VHF portable with APCO 25 digital voice capability, Icom IC-V8000 2 meter mobile/base.

SCANNERS: Uniden BC248CLT, Uniden BC780XLT, Radio Shack Pro-92, Radio Shack Pro-2015.

HAM ACTIVITIES: Emergency Amateur Radio Club BOD, EARC Net Manager, Oahu RACES/ARES. I participate extensively in public service events such as the Great Aloha Run (February), Aloha Festivals Parade (September), and the Honolulu Marathon (December).


HOW TO FIND ME ON-AIR: I have realized the need to be able to monitor communications statewide and locally. Of course, when you know hams from other parts of the state and the only means of communications is long distance 2-meters, it becomes imperative to be able to expect them calling from time to time. Therefore, I will implement my new monitoring procedure as follows:

STATE: 147.060+ (Oahu), 147.020+ (Maui/Kona), 147.040+ (Hilo/Lihue)

LOCAL: 146.880- (Diamond Head), 146.980 (HMB), 146.800- (Maunakapu)

SIMPLEX: 146.550 (Primary)

DIGITAL: 146.520 (Primary APCO 25 digital voice frequency)

ANALOG/DIGITAL CAPABILITY: I have a wide range of frequencies that can be used for simplex in either analog or digital voice.

Calling frequency is the STATE frequencies above. Communications will be moved to local and or simplex frequencies where deemed appropriate.

Aloha & 73, de David AH7E

You can check out David’s QRZ Page at: https://www.qrz.com/db/AH7E