This week we spotlight Dennis K. Yee, AH6P.AH6P.jpg

***POSTED MARCH 2017*** Been licensed since 1998, so not exactly an old timer.  But I did work my way through all the license classes…Novice, Tech, Tech Plus, General, Advanced and Extra.  Also did CW at 5, 13 and 20 wpm…that was fun!  Started off doing just emergency comm work with one of my local radio clubs, then slowly got interested in DXing.

After a few years of being off the air I finally got a brand new station up and running here in Mililani, Hawaii on the island of Oahu.  My new rig is a Yaesu FT-991a.  It’s the first HF rig I’ve purchased new and so far I love it.  Antenna configuration is very limited here due to current town association rules.  Initially I just had two 20m dipoles on my roof, about 20 feet in height, and oriented in two separate directions…NW-SE and NE-SW.  Just recently I added the Buddipole which works very well on all the bands 70cm through 40m.  For tuning I have an MFJ-939 intellituner.  The digital modes are up and runnng again and I’m concentrating on PSK31 and RTTY but also started using JT65 too, so look for me on the lower part of each band.  If I get adventurous, I may pull out my key and do some CW.  If you’re looking for me locally then call on 146.860 (PL88.5) or DMR Hawaii talkgroup 3115.

I will answer all QSLs…just DON’T send to the BURO…I prefer QSLs via DIRECT.  SASE or IRC is not necessary but appreciated.  I still enjoy getting a QSL card in the mail, so please snail-mail to me…I will reply in-kind.

***NEWS FLASH MAY 2018*** I just got into DMR this month (May 2018) thanks to my buddy Dave, N4DEJ.  Loving it!  So give me a call on the Hawaii talkgroups 3115, 31150 or 31152


73’s de AH6P, Dennis

You can visit Dennis’s QRZ page at