This week we spotlight Alexander G. Stengel, KH7CX.

Aloha everybody out there!

I have been a licensed Radio Amateur since June 2008.

I operate exclusively open-air portable-QRP from a local Beach-Park using a Yaesu FT-817ND – Powered by an external 9 A/h 12.8 V Litium Battery Running 5 watts into my self-made resonant monobander “New Carolina Windom” antennas for 20m , 40m or 10m – ( performing just great without any tuner ! )

Mainly beaming South and North , hung up between 3 coconut palm-trees. . . . (they are just perfect for that Hi , Hi ! )

The antenna is set-up in a flat -” Inverted V ” configuration with the apex at about 7m to 15m above the ground/sea level.

I worked all 7 continents with that setup ( in SSB ) ….with no or just a few sunspots most of the time.

Also using my VERY new homebuild ILER-40  40m/SSB ( ca. 4 – 5 watt ) monoband Transceiver with a 40m band NVIS dipole setup for interisland communication.

And Yes ! . . . .my main passion is QRP-SSB DXing.

Working time is usually somewhere between 0500 to 0800 UTC (The park closes at 22:00 local time)

All QSOs are logged in my paper-logbook and requested QSLs will be sent 100%.

I also keep my QRZ-logbook entries current -> so please confirm our QSO in the QRZ-logbook if possible, would be highly appreciated ;o)

Mahalo Nui Loa + much Aloha from Hawaii and good DX !

73 de Alexander , KH7CX

QRP is good , QRP is good , QRP is good , QRP is good ,QRP is good , QRP is good , QRP is good , QRP is good !, QRP is good ! ;o)

You can visit Alex’s QRZ page at