Left to Right, Front Row, AH6VO, NH6PY,  KH6OWL KH6WG, WH6I, WH6FVG & WH6EUG;         Back Row Left to Right, WH6CPH, KH6LT, & Wh6FXL (Not pictured, KH6GMB and WH6FAO)

We were lucky with the rain, we had about 5 minutes of heavy rain just before set up but no rain afterwards and it turned out to be a nice cool morning with little wind.

The go kit challenge was held at the Kapolei Skate Park on May 4th from 8:30 AM to 12 PM and 12 operators were in attendance.

The Commander Hardened Power System was demonstrated by WH6FXL, Michael


Michael was capable of running UHF/VHF and digital modes. He is working on HF but the radio is cable of HF work. He has a USB Sound card cable that hooks into the computer, without the need of a external Signalink USB sound card. The entire kit fits into the ammo can pictured.


WH6FXL with his Go-Kit

Ralph, NH6PY, made his Go Kit.

Ralph, NH6PY, Go Kit

This kit was built by Ralph and consist of a LT-898UV dual band mobile radio, speaker, hand-microphone and antenna all put in a water proof Nanuk 905 box. Powered by a small battery that can be charged without taking it a part.




Luiton LT-898UV Radio

Steve KH6WG, has several antenna for UHF/VHF and HF. He did not set up the  HF antenna but operated and made contact easily.

Power by vehicle power or a SunSocket EnergyBar 300 and solar panels, Steve’s kit is vehicle mounted and also portable radios.IMG_8537.jpg



Diamond antenna with remote power to lower and raise the antenna
TYT TH-7800 radio portable set up


Pono, WH6CPH go Kit consisted of a 17 foot fishing pole with a Ed Fong antenna with a Kenwood radio in a ammo can run by a battery.



The final station was set up by Mark, KH6LT, and consisted of a lot of items he has collected from photography work and friends.

KT-8900R Radio, Radio to Left is Marine Radio with portable antenna


This all fits in a mostly water proof box, except for holes drilled in back to run cables. Mag mounted antenna on a special bracket attached to the back.IMG_8553.jpgIMG_8554.jpg

Mark had a special bumper hitch mount to hold his umbrella but it can also support a antenna mast as well.


Mark used camera quick disconnects to put on and take off radios and brackets IMG_8561.jpg

IMG_8562.jpgTo wrap up Mark’s equipment h e just added a portal weather station to his arsenal.


We believe everyone had fun and thanks to Tiki’s Bar and Restaurant and the EARC for sponsoring the event and providing $25 gift cards for 6 operators. We got lucky with the weather as Oahu had heavy rains.