This week we spotlight the Recreational Amateur Radio Station for Navy Sub Base Pearl Harbor, KH6SP.

KH6SP – Recreational Amateur Radio Station for Navy Sub Base Pearl Harbor.  On air at the Joint Base Pearl Harbor – Wahiawa Annex for Winlink/Winmor Operations colocated with two other Winlink RMS stations: KH6UL and NCS369.  All three stations share one rack, laptop, and solar powered battery banks with over 1000AH/day capacity.  Trustee is Gus MacFeeley, NH7J. System administrator is Tom Overman, W2AIT.


The antenna system is a Navy TCI-507-1 “Quad Rosette” consisting of 4 each 22 element vertical log periodic arrays arranged from a center 150 foot tall tower and oriented to North, East, South, and West.  Gain is 12dB to the front, 5dB to the sides, and unity to the back.


KH6SP Winlink service is provided by a dedicated Yaesu FT-857D, SCS Dragon P4 modem, and a signalink.  The program runs as a separate Trimode Winlink instance on the same laptop used by KH6UL and NCS369.


KH6SP is on the East facing TCI-507-1 antenna system. Operates PACTOR 2 & 3 plus Winmor) on 7104; 10143; 18107; & 144251.500 (VHF).  This station augments the Winlink service to the Maritime Mobile community while also serving as a local ECOM Winmor node for the Hawaii ARES organization.  For more information on Winlink see:

You can visit the organization’s QRZ page at