A fox hunt was held in West Oahu on the 7th of April 2019. We had 17 hams participate!  Everyone had fun and learned a lot about radio direction finding. Most hams found the fox with the first hour and some found it within 20 minutes.

17 licensed operators and some family members joined in the hunt

Amateur operators in all license classes were in the hunt, eight Extras, 4 Generals, and 5 Technician class license holders. A few hams brought along family members to share in the fun.

Ralph, NH6PY
NH6PY used his thumb over the connector when he got close to find the fox

Antennas from home made tape measuring devices to satellite antennas were used to find the fox, but it seems the best results were rubber duct antennas on handhelds.

In the team category the winners were husband and wife time of KH6LT and WH6FUL.

WH6ERV at the Start

In the individual category, and riding a bicycle, the 1st place was WH6ERV.

The winners received a $25 gift certificate donated by KH6OWL.

Listening for the Fox at the Start
Antenna in Hand is Alex, KH7CX, to his left is KW4TO, front is team winners of KH6LT and WH6FUL

The broken antenna award goes to the team of KH7CX and KW4TO as they found the fox last. Their antenna was actually bent when they got out of the car at the end point. 🙂

After the hunt we talked about what technique everyone used and shared best practices. We plan to have more fox hunts in the future and hope we get even bigger turnouts. Everyone had a lot of fun and was laughing and joking and we learned from each other as well.