Volunteers make a huge difference in any community they work in. The Independent sector has put a per hour value on a volunteer at $24.69 for 2018. Accoriging to their website, Click Here, The new Value of Volunteer Time will be released mid- to late-April 2019.

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Ham operators and family members have volunteered countless hours for community events in Hawaii. From the Honolulu Marathon, Great Aloha Runs, parades and weather monitoring, they all serve and can not take any money for the hours they provide.

For example, SKYWARN Honolulu activated on the 9th and10th of February 2019. Reports are that hams provided 30hours of shrives for this event a lone. If we place a price tag on that, and money gets peoples attention, then hams saved the weather service $740.70.

The great aloha run was held February 18th, 2019, last count I saw there were 17 hams that volunteered for this event. Most showed up at 4:30 or 5 and worked till at around 11AM, and some later. So let us just use 5 AM to 11 PM for an easy math problem. That is 6 hours for 17 people, so 102 hours total at a cost of $2518.

How many hams worked the Honolulu Marathon on December 2018? That was probably 9hours of work per ham. Let us use the number that 25 hams volunteered which would be a total of 225 volunteer hours. That is a cost of $5,616 for the event that Hams saved the marathon organizers.

Just for these 3 events, Hawaii Hams have saved the organizations they supported around $8,604 and that is just on Oahu.

From teaching ham radio classes, to volunteering at the Red Cross or SKYWARN and CERT Training, you are providing a valuable service that enable the communities you serve to continue working for their citizens. No matter what kind of volunteer work you do, you are contributing in invaluable ways.

I would encourage amateur radio organizations and volunteers to keep track of the hours you volunteer so that your club or organization can talk money to the press on the value you add to the community. When you put a price tag on something, it does tends to get peoples attention.

Let me know what you are doing for  your communities and I will help get the word out. The more the word gets out, the more we grow this hobby and bring attention to our community leaders and HOA boards.