Please pardon my delay in getting this out as I needed to confirm the frequency we will using and I was away on business.

You are receiving this email because you had participated before and I am hoping you will help out again this year!

This is the 35thAnniversary of the GREAT ALOHA RUN  yay!!!

Carole Kai is so excited about it and is really looking forward to making this milestone the greatest experience for everyone!!!

Please see the attached file for the positions needed to be filled.

Psst!  The Aid stations are really cool!!!

Anyways please take a look and confirm back to me via email or if you would like to call me no problem, my contact info will be listed at the bottom

Hoping to work with all of you again this year!!!

Much Love & Aloha – 73’s

Jona Sing Funakura
808 753-5046
808 721-9167 (w)
Email: or

35th Annual Great Aloha Run 2019

Date: Monday February 18, 2019 (President's Day holiday)
REPORT TO SITE TIME: 06:00; Roll call to commence shortly after
Event Start Time: 7:00AM
Estimated end time: 10:30 AM – 11:00AM. Or sooner depending where you are on the route.
Frequencies: 146.980 FFMB linked to 146.860 Manawahua Ridge

Backup – 146.62 VHF PL 103.5 (Thanks to Rick Ching, KH7O) –GAR participant

Command group (GAR Command Center – Aloha Stadium)
Assistant Coordinator / NCS – Jona Sing, NH6UO
Lead Coordinator – Adrian DiTucci KH7GK

Start Line – Nimitz/Bishop – Aloha Tower Marketplace
1. Darrell – KH6XL
2. Clem Jung – KH7HO

Aid Station 1 – Pu’uhale Elementary School Contact:
1. Glen Martinez – AH6VF
2. Natalie Cash – WH6FNE

Aid Station 2 (Nimitz/Pu’uloa Road) Contact: Warren Hiramoto – 226-5790
1. Ray Moody – AH6LT
2. Lynn – WH6ERV

Aid Station 3 (Nimitz/Valkenberg) Contact: Olga Goo – 383-5681
1. Ryan Ueoka – AH6OO
2. Judy Ueoka – KH6JU

Aid Station 4 (Kamehameha Hwy/Halawa Gate) Contact: Deana Sueoka – 728-0753
1. Amy Caliboso – WH6FOO
2. Carlito Caliboso – WH6FOG

Stadium Entrance
1. RC Anderson – WH6FQE

North Tunnel Entrance
1. Steve Kawamae – KH6WG

Stadium Ring Road
1. ..
2. ..

Main Medical – This position involves being with the HPH Doctors on the stadium floor & Main Medical
1. Elsie Watanabe
2. Caitlyn Watanabe

Aid station operators should report to their aid station chiefs upon arrival, names are noted.
1. making sure they can find you when needed
2. The Aid stations will also have a “spotter” assigned by Hawaii Pacific Health
3. The ‘spotter’ has been instructed to pass all command post communication through the radio operator.

All stations report –
 the numbers of first THREE (3) male,
 first THREE (3) female and
 When wheelchair participants as they pass your location.
 The lead unit of Sounds of Freedom (military units) should also be reported.

Operators at each station should report bib numbers of participants who drop out from exhaustion or injury. Event
officials records all incidents no matter how minor it may seem.
Once event get underway, please keep all chatter to a minimum, if you have any questions let me know ahead of time as I could answer via email, or call me.
For those who are working in the stadium area – inevitably someone will want to know where the bus pick up locations are.  They are located in the SW parking lot Makai
Sounds of freedom are in the NE parking lot Mauka.

Shuttle buses back to town are located at sections 9E and 10E.
For those who are assigned to the STADIUM you should be at the stadium by 0545 at the LATEST. Parking attendants WILL shut gates at 0600. Bring a chair, water, and shade or umbrella as it can get hot towards the end.

Those stationed along the route you may want to pack a canteen on you or make use of camelbacks.

You want to always be available to the site coordinator, be in an area with good visibility, and not obstructing the
participants flow

***I have GAR Volunteer T-shirts – I will be at the GAR EXPO Feb 16 & 17 NBC Exhibition Center;
Please GIVE ME YOUR SHIRT SIZE. Thank you! Only 2 days for the EXPO this year Saturday & Sunday
**ADDED SECURITY – there will be a heightened police and K9 presence at the Startline and Stadium area.
Keep your eyes/ears open and report anything unusual or out of place.
For example – a bag, backpack, unlabeled box, etc. sitting around with no one tending to it.
All traffic must be routed through the Command Center for action.

Thank you all for your participation, let’s have fun!
Jona Sing NH6UO
Ph. 808 753-5046 call or TEXT ME or leave a msg. BUT TXing is best!