Do you want amateur radio license plates for your Honolulu City & Country registered vehicle?

Go to the Frank Fasi Building Municipal Building and then go to the basement where the City & County Department of Emergency Management is located. The address to the Frank Fasi building is 650 South King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813.

You will need a photo ID and have to sign in at the security entrance desk. They will give you a badge and keep your ID until you return.

Go downstairs to the emergency management office. The first door on the right after you enter the basement is the office you need to go to.  See the nice people at the first desk and tell them you want to get amateur radio plates. You will fill out a form, pay $17 and once the plates come in they will call you to pick them up. Each county can do the order but the they will not be processed until they have 10 orders. The good news is that if one country gets 10 orders then the other counties can place their orders as well. So if Honolulu gets 10 orders and Maui only has one, Maui will be able to place that one order.  Plan on waiting a while for the phone call.

Once you get the phone call that your plates are ready you will need to go back to the Frank Fasi building. Once in the parking lot take off your current plates, go back downstairs and give them you old plates and they will give you your ham plates and a form to take to the DMV. Remember you have to go through security again so have your photo ID to get in the Frank Fasi Building. Then go back to the DMV, show them your Ham plates and the form that emergency management gave you. You will pay a small fee, I think it was .50 cents.  They will give you a receipt and a new vehicle registration form and a decal for your plates.

Once you get your new registration from the DMV, go back to your vehicle and put the sticker on your plates and  your license plates on and store your registration.  Once all that is done you will be able to register on line to renew next year.

Make sure you save the forms that the emergency management gives you because you will need it again. If you ever sale your vehicle you will have to go back to the emergency management and give them your ham plates. They will give you a form and your old plates and they keep the ham plates. Go back to the DMV and get registered again. If you ever want your ham plates back for a new vehicle, the emergency management team will have them and you just repeat the process.  If you are in an accident and need a replacement plate you repeat the same process but have to pay the $17 again to get two new plates and wait until all the orders are received. You will need you damaged plates in order to get new ones.

Paperwork that you will need:

  1. Photo ID (To get in the building)
  2. Vehicle Registration
  3. Insurance (They didn’t ask for mine but doesn’t hurt to have it in case)
  4. FCC Amateur Radio License
  5. Cash, does not have to be exact change, in the amount of $17.00
  6. Current License Plates if picking up your Ham plates.

Points of Contacts at Oahu Civil Defense (Emergency Management Agency)

Frank Buckles
Carey Yamato