Amateur radio operators in Hawaii enjoyed the 2018 Grid Madness, a Simplex exercise, on September 16th, 2018.

This was a four-hour event designed for emergency communications practice and to have some fun, learn radios and see how far one could communicate on Simplex Frequencies for 2m and 70cm.

Todd Wilson made some friend on the air and took them along with him during the Grid Madness. It was like a mini – dx-pedition.

Todd said that Rob (ZL2IW) and Kaye (ZL2KU) Carter from New Zealand were here on vacation so I invited to our Grid Madness event. They had a blast!


Chris Hodgetts ZL1CLH, also visiting from New Zealand rode along as well. Todd, WH6DWF, and Chris had been hanging out together this week and talking on 146.520 simplex.

Todd-WH6DWF, Kyle-ZL2KU, Rob-ZL2IW and Chris-ZL1CLH

Todd stated…”We had a blast with this event and our friends from New Zealand said that this was the best vacation they’ve ever spent in America!!!”

Kaye (ZL2KU) Carter from New Zealand
Heather Flewelling, WH6FTQ, with her antenna
WH6FTQ antenna attached to a road sign