Completed, minus the fan, Mini DMR Repeater running on a Raspberry PI-3 and Nexitron Screen.

This guy had a very useful Youtube video that did help me out a lot.

Pi-3b on bottom and on top is the DMR mini repeater

The display was obtain from Amazon, Prime shipping and cost was $31.99.

The display case be ordered on Amazon as well but was out of stock so I got one from Ebay. I think I paid $3.00 on eBay.

Display showing a call between me and KH6XL

A great facebook group for the display and how to get the files to put on the display is at

You can get these optional jumpers as the DMR mini repeater will not fit in the box unless you modify it.

You will need to order the connectors if you are going to use the jumper cables.

You can solder the cable to the mini board but I got a USB to TTL connect and plugged it into the USB.

The case can be ordered on Amazon Prime and cost $12.89.

The case comes with a screwdriver and a small fan. You can mount the fan on the case but as you can see in the photos I bent that part back to make the antennas fit without the jumpers. I first tried to drill to large holes to fit the antenna through. It worked but the antenna still where no long enough to attach to the board. I’ll monitor the temps on the board to see if the fan is needed.

I bent the back of the case down, this is where the fan goes

The mini DMR repeater board connects to the Raspberry Pi 3 in a straightforward way. Just put the pins into the mini DMR and push down until it is in place. The board plugs into the pi on the gipo pins, the sd card goes into the pi as it’s hard drive, the image for it can be downloaded from

Software: The software to burn the image to the SD Card is free along with the software to burn the image to the screen. You need to install the image on the PI card. Go to and select the one that says “RPI”. Those work on the Raspberry pie.

Then you will need two programs to burn that image to the SD card for the pi.

Choose the windows version you have i.e. 10/8/7 download and install

For the screen you need to download the Nextion Editor.

You will need a SD card that is a 16GB minimum is for putting the image (software) on to the raspberry p i. The SD card stays in the Pi-3b to run the system. This will stay in the Pi-3b card. You will need another SD card to place the image on the display but it does not stay in the display so you can reuse it for other things. I got the SD cards at Walmart and Office max.

It was an interesting project and I learn a lot and gained some confidence in my abilities.