To all,

The annual Makani Pahili “Hurricane” Net will be held Sunday, June 3, 2018, from 9 12 noon.

The purpose of the net is to get prepare for the upcoming hurricane season and test the NWS Ham station, KH6SW.

We will be on the following DEM and State RACES repeaters as well as HF for voice and FLDigi for real world weather messages.  Please give your call sign, name, SKYWARN ID number (if you have one).  Keep  messages short with a few words of the real weather wherever you are calling from, i.e., I’m in Kaimuki and it is sunny and 80 degrees.  You can use one or all the following repeaters to call and/or send your FLDigi message:
– 146.760 no pl (Peacock Flat)
– 146.860 pl 88.5 (Maunakapu)
– 146.880 pl 88.5 (Diamond Head)
– 146.980 pl 88.5 (Downtown Honolulu)
-147.060 pl 103.5 (Diamond Head; if operational & linked)
– 444.350 pl 103.5 (Diamond Head)
– 444.325 pl 103.5 (Waimanalo; if linked)
Also on:
– HF:  7.080 USB for voice & Fldigi

We encourage all licensed Amateur radio operator, whether you are a SKYWARN weather spotter or not, to participate.

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Clem Jung (KH7HO)