CQ DX Hall of Fame                                                                                                         24 May 2018

CQ announced the induction of two new members to its CQ DX Hall of Fame, which honors those DXers who not only excel in personal performance, but also give back to the hobby in outstanding ways. CQ DX Editor Bob Schenck, N2OO, presented Hall of Fame plaques at an induction ceremony held at the annual Dayton DX dinner on May 18.

The CQ DX Hall of Fame only inducts two people each year. The 2018 inductees included a amateur radio operator from Hawaii.

Kimo Chun, KH7U:Nominated by the Dateline DX Association, of which he is a founding member. Chun has operated on many major DXpeditions, including Kingman Reef, Christmas Island, Palmyra Atoll, Cambodia, and Midway Island. In addition, he routinely provides logistical assistance to hams planning Pacific island DXpeditions, and he provides electronic maintenance support for groups administering Pacific island nature preserves, including the Nature Conservancy and the US Fish and Wildlife Service. A longtime member of Hawaii’s Department of Emergency Management RACES team, Chun was recently featured on an NBC News story about last year’s accidental nuclear attack alert message sent out in Hawaii, in which he emphasized the role played by amateurs as the first to alert the public that the message was sent in error.

Kimo Chun
Kimo Chun, KH7U

Established in 1967, the CQ DX Hall of Fame recognizes radio amateurs who have made major contributions to DXing and DXpeditioning. This year’s inductions bring the total number of members of the CQ DX Hall of Fame to 73.

Thanks to Ron Hashiro, AH6RH, for letting us know of this honor.