21 May 2018

The Emergency Amateur Radio Club held the monthly meeting for May at the Salt Lake District Park. Roughly 45 members and family members attended.IMG_2404

A amateur radio test session was held prior to the meeting. According to the Pacific Section Manger, Joe Speroni, AH0A, he had 22 people register for the test, which was the largest prior to a meeting thus far. Joe said that 4 people had cancelled prior and then some were no shows. Total tested were 12 and out of the 12, he had 6 general and 5 technicians obtain their licenses. Congratulations to the new ham!

Volunteer Examiners

Wayne Greenleaf, KH6IN, stated he had an exam Saturday in Hauula on Oahu and that 8 new technicians and 1 new general came out of the testing session.

During the meeting, just so happen during the break, we had a pass of the international space station. It was cloudy but serval people in attendance were able to see it and shared with other park visitors so they didn’t think we were crazy.

The club president, Steve, KH6WG, gave a good presentation on Digital Mobile Radios. The club had just put up a DMR repeater on Oahu that is open to any amateur radio operator to use and, it is getting used quite a bit.

Members asking questions
Steve, KH6WG

Those in attendance asked a lot of questions and seemed to be very interested int he topic.

The event was a potluck and the club members had a lot of good food and deserts.


Steve and Wayne brought in some of their Hotspots that they use to show members what was available for DMR use.

The EARC club is growing and is on solid footing and doing a lot of things to promote amateur radio in Hawaii. From analog repeaters to DMR repeaters; to examinations and classes to prepare for the exams and to participating in public events. The club is making progress in the community and for that we would like to say thank you to the board and the officials of the club who are making that progress.

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State of Hawaii Amateur Radio Operators