I gathered some information on the different types of communications that are out there from various sources on line. I have only used 3 of these 5, FRS, CB and Amateur Radio.

Amateur Radio has so many frequencies that I decided not to list them and it is blank in the chart.

The range depends on the surroundings and atmospheric conditions and most manufactories will give the very best range on their advertisements. Radios are limited to authorized power by the FCC but operators usually get around that with unauthorized modifications of radios.

Another note on range. Some of these systems use repeater which can greatly increase the range. Some can use amplifiers but for CB’s they are illegal but I have heard CB transmissions from CA into Hawaii. It is hard to believe those CB’s were only using 4 watts of power.

FRS can only used the permanently attached antenna but all other antennas can be changed out.

Cost listed in the chart only refers to the license cost. Equipment cost can vary widely but you can pick up cheap used equipment on line.

GMRS is General Mobile Radio Service.

MURS is Multi-Use Radio Service.

FRS is Family Radio Service.

CB is Citizen Band.

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