It’s rush hour in Honolulu and thousands of cars are moving at a snails pace. The norm  five days a week for 3 or 4 hours in the morning and then it repeats in the afternoon.

HI Dennis Oda

For those who live and work in Honolulu they are used to it and do what they can to avoid the peek hours. Some have no choice to be in traffic for 2 hours or more a day. They find ways to pass time, listen to music, their favorite podcast, watch the other crazy drivers around them, or to listen the radio that tells, them more traffic ahead or accident at the H1 / H2 merge so prepare to wait because there is no way around it. Now the Zipper lane is backed up because the State opened it to anyone to hopefully get vehicles though at a faster pace.

Cell phones start to sound the alert! The radio in your vehicle breaks in with the emergency alert system and you hear sirens whaling outside but you don’t know what it means. Is it a tsunami? The radio alert says it is an incoming missile and it is not a drill. Do you think it is fake and keep going slow in traffic? Do you stop and cause more traffic problems?



The decision you make in the next few minutes could save your life and many others. Will you make the right decision?

Past military doctrine and how to Nuclear War Survival Skills book provide some knowledge that could be helpful.

-If you can find low ground that is covered, seek it.

-Maybe go to the area immediately under an overpass bridge.

-Stay in your car and get as low as possible, Leave your windows up. Try to cover your body with the back seat of your car. the seat will come out and you can low on the floor and put the seat over your body.

Have a plan. It most likely will not happen but be prepared just in case.