I listened to an echolink net tonight. First time that I had done that and it was by accident. I was visiting on the ISLAND node and this node connects to a DODROPIN net. Do Drop In is a echo link node that holds several nets each week.

The DODROPIN node is 355800 and the Islands Node is 894359. A lot of stations link to the DODROPIN node from around the country to include some IRLP machines. IRLP Node 9256 is an example of a linked in machine.

The topic tonight was apparently CW and learning morse code and different keyers.

Some websites they mentioned were:




More information can be found at www.dodropin.org or www.nfarl.dodropin.org. The Nevada Amateur Radio Repeaters, INC website has some good information  on it as well. That website is www.narrl.org.

echolinkwallTry echolink out for different nets and you might find some interesting conversations going. If you can’t put up an antenna or don’t have HF equipment, the internet can be a good way to get on the air.