Holly cow! Are you serious. We have to listen and learn these sentences? I have problems with long sentences but I guess that gets us ready for going on the air.

There are three copying Segments but look at them.
Segment 1. [your callsign] de k6rb ur rst 579 nr sf name rob hw? [your callsign] de k6rb k Segment 2: [your callsign] de n3jt ur rst is 5nn <BT> qth mclean va ? mclean va <BT> op is jim de n3jt
Segment 3: [your callsign] de w1rm <BT> ur rst 569 569 in ct name is pete bk

There was only 3 Sending Segments:
Segment 1: k6rb de [your callsign] – ur rst 57n in [your town/city and state abbreviation] – name is [your name] btu k6rb de [your callsign] k
Segment 2: n3jt de [your callsign] – ur rst 56n in [your town/city and state abbreviation] – name is [your name] – n3jt de [your callsign] k
Segment 3: w1rm de [your callsign] – ur rst 45n wid QRN in [your town/city and state abbreviation] – name is [your name] – w1rm de [your callsign] k

I practiced the copying and sending a few times for Session 11 and then I went back and did some Free Form in the trainer at the bottom. Going over the A, N, C, Y, Q, F, P and anything I need help with. I went back and completed Session 1 and 2 again. I’m still having problems differentiating between the A and N at times.

I have gone through the copying and sending segments several times and also went through lessons 3 and 4 again. I spent some quality time on sending practicing and seemed to be getting better at the five prosigns, ? / – <BT> <BK>. I am still having fun, not as frustrated anymore but still having issues with certain letters but that is to be expected. I will continue to drive on.

It appears that I was not the only one having problems with this lessons. It was the first time that we heard how a CW contact would go on the air and it was shocking how little we know after 10 lessons. We were getting lost and once you get lost it is hard to catch up. It was good to have the instructor explain how most CW Contacts start:
CQ CQ de your call your call K. (K means you are finished and someone else can call you)
ANSWER: my call de other ops call.
Answer: Other ops calls de my call, RST 599, HI, Name is Stacy, Other OPS call de my call K.

DE means “this is”. Also remember it is easier to send, so send only at the speed you want the other operator to send at or the may send too fast for you to copy.

I’ve been using the free form area in the software and will enter words or letters I having issues with. For example some common words or phrases such as RST, QTH, NR, UR, THE, AND, NAME, IS, QSL

Aloha and 73!

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