Session 9: My head hurts! I have hit the wall and hit it hard. I can’t tell and E from a T this week. I took a full day off and I think it was much needed. I’m trying not to make excuses but it’s just Tuesday and my week has been evil and it’s just the beginning. Life happens but I am trying not to get taken hostage by other people and events. I have to keep reminding myself that I want to do this and if I stop now I will never get this far again. So alas, I am in it for the long haul but a break is good. I received some nice and timely emails this week that I really needed. It is funny how that happens. John, whom I just meet via this blog, has been a life saver with encouragement this week. Thanks John, VE7JBX.

Thanks to Alan, AD6E, who did a special Skype with me and George, WH6FEJ, to check on our progress. It is great to have a CW Elmer who cares!

I spent some last minute time on Session 9 and went through the first 25 words in about 45 minutes on Day 1.

TIP: A day of rest is a good thing!

Day 2 after session 8: I spent about 5 minutes warming up by sending all the hard letters before finishing up the last part of Session 9. I’m trying to do as much as I can at 20 WPM with 10 Farnsworth and only slow down when I can’t figure out the word. The letters are J and K and the numbers are 8 and 0 and the prosign <BT>. This completes all the numbers and gets us to 23 letters.

I spent 55 minutes finishing up session 9, the last 46 I missed 15. I am doubting myself. I will get it right but then replay it and talk myself into changing the answer. I was getting the A & N’s for about half way through and then I lost them again. I need to stop doubting myself. I do much better if I can get the first letter sent, like a baseball batter, you don’t won’t to get behind in the count. I didn’t write them down that much this time so that seems to be getting better as well. Baby steps! I will be practicing the following letters more to try to catch up because they are throwing me. C, D, W, K, P, A, and the N.

TIP: As a newbie I find it is helpful to warm up by sending before getting started. I don’t know if you need to do that but it seems to help me.

Day 3 after session 8 and Class Day: I spent the better part of the day in my truck so I listen to my trouble letters on my phone and very little practice today. I have not done much, it seems, since the last class. Practice some sending and the course one time. Have you ever not been prepared for something and was dreading it? That is the boat I am in right now.

I feel like I’m at that point in class where you get behind and just zone out because you can’t catch up. I felt lost during class as most others were getting what was being sent and I could only get a few letters.

Session 10 is next and that will complete the alphabet. Next letters are Q, X, Z and <BK>

Until next time, keep practicing and stay at it.

Aloha and 73!

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