We will be up to 19 letters and 8 numbers with this session. The light was on the last session but I’m having a hard time getting session 7. I hope it is just one of those things that happens. The new letters are P, G, 7, 9, and /. Again, last year I had a hard time with the P and G. This has been a tough week for me to get motivated but I have tried to force myself to practice and work at it. Making practice a priority was hard for me but it was just plain laziness. I don’t watch a lot of TV so I do have a lot more time to work at it than I used to but I still find reasons not to practice. I do find myself walking around thinking about Morse code and saying it in my head or sending it with my fingers. Road signs, license plates, scrolling letters across the TV screen, etc etc…..

Day 1 after Session 6. I spent the better part of an hour listening to the P and G and the / symbol and practice sending. I tired to get some of the words but could not get past the first 2 words in the lesson.

Day 2 after Session 6: I spent the morning working on the sounds of P and G and 7, 9, and the / symbol for about 30 minutes. In the afternoon the first practice I spent about 50 minutes and made it to the half way point in the lesson. I missed a lot so I went back to listen to the letters L, F, C, and P again. Out of the first 25 I missed 7 of them and those were the letters I had issues with identifying. I spent about 20 minutes going over the first 9 letters and numbers that are in session 7. Then I went back and did the first 25 sending units again. I missed 5 this time and spent 20 minutes in training. I did identify them faster but I had to play several over 4 or 5 times to get the word. All told I spent about 90 minutes practicing which included sending as well for the first afternoon practice. Next on to the start of the lesson and work my way though all 50 sending units. I spent a total of 55 minutes on the 2ns practice session of this lesson. I picked up a lot of the letters so I don’t feel too bad and out of the first 25 I missed only 1 this time. On the second 25 I missed 12! WOW, 12! On number 41 that was sent there was a K in there and we have not learned the K yet but it is in my call and I have been practicing it but missed it. That was the first time I completed Session 7 so I will practice it again on day 3 before class so it should get better. I have identified new problem letters, C, Y, P, and L. During my practice I have been sending and listening. If I miss one I will practice sending it a few times to hammer it home and it seems to help. I even got some of the sentences at the end of the session this time and some of the long numbers that were sent. One sending number was 1425369 and it took me some time but I got it right.

Day 3 and class day for Session 7: I went halfway through the lesson again before class and did some review of sending letters and numbers and spent only about 60 minutes today. We spent a lot of time working on sending during this class with the emphasis on spacing between letters and a bigger spacing between words. We were reminded to go back and review previous lessons, which most of us have not been doing it enough. Some frustrations with mixing up the A and I, glad I was not the only one that messes that up. Class was good tonight, no Skype issues, everyone was on with good video and audio, and it lasted about an hour. On to session 8, the half way point in the class with the new letters being B and V. That will get us to 21 letters and 8 numbers for the class. I wished we used the Hawaiian alphabet with it 13 letters.:)

Until next time, keep practicing and stay at it. We can do it!

Aloha and 73!

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