I am trying to get on the air so John and I tired a contact again and I could hear my call de VE7JBX and then the signal dropped away and not much was readable after that. I put my amp on and went to 300 watts and called CQ and 2 signals came back at once and noise. As bad as I am I didn’t know what to do so I didn’t do anything. John in Canada sent me a text and said I had a pile up on my call sign.

My theory on all this, now that I am almost done with the course, is that I should have learned at 20 WPM and 20 Farnsworth or at least 15 Farnsworth from the beginning. I have been having issues with the A and the N, they sound different when you listen to them at speed, but when I slow down the Farnsworth I think I am just trying to figure out if I heard the dit or dah first or last. That will just slow me down! I now believe it is very important to start learning at a high speed and a high Farnsworth level. Maybe not 20 and 20 but a better one would be 20 and 15. You want to learn the sound and not what came first or what did you just hear, a dit or dah. It is a fine line though because you do need to know the make up of the letters so you can send it but you don’t want to be hearing the dit or dah, but the sound of the letter.

Aloha and 73!

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