I finished up the CW OPS course for level 1. It was a very good course. I made a lot of mistakes and made a lot of progress. We learn by mistakes and I’m sure I’ll keep making them. My sending has gotten better and I still struggle with immediate recognition of the sounds but I will keep practicing and moving forward.

I did make one contact with John, VE7JBX, in Canada and clearly heard his call and my call and the RST. It was a thrill to hear something that I recognized on the air. So to all the instructors who volunteer there time to help others learn CW a big Mahalo to you all and thank you to the CW Academy for continuing to grow the hobby. I hope to get in a level II course soon and continue to grow so I am confident when I get on the air but in the mean time a I will continue practicing level one material and listening on the air.

The final class I learned that my radio is not set up well with filters to pick up the code well and I need to practice the zero beat procedures to try to pull out the correct signals. Always something to learn!