I saw this on QRZ and if you follow the post and all the comments in other posts it seems a lot of people are frustrated with the ARRL.


As the first 2018 ARRL Board of Directors meeting approaches (Jan 19-20) several large League affiliated regional radio clubs, from all across the USA, have expressed in emailed letters strong disagreement, concerns, suggestions and demands, in regard to recent Board actions and additional requested changes to Articles of Association and Bylaws, way beyond the Code of Conduct “stuff”.

Florida Contest Club

Northern California Contest Club

Yankee Clipper Contest Club

John W2GD posted a list of links that summarize recent ARRL actions and plans,

I’m betting they are not nor will they be the only affiliated clubs or individual League members doing so. But don’t wait too long.

73 de John – WØPV

Link to the post is here: http://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/arrl-affiliated-contest-clubs-criticize-bod-actions.594688/

Here is another post http://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/arrl-its-not-just-the-bylaws-that-need-changin.595139/

Next on the list is more ….*esoteric.* Did K1ZZ meet with Vladimir Putin at the 2010 WRTC in Moscow, and agree that the League would recognize D1 for DXCC in exchange for the Russians shutting down the woodpecker. Did N3KN sell prime propagation windows at W1AW to wealthy donors? If not that, then what?

Since then, I’ve had a number of phone conversations, email exchanges (including with my Division Director Fred Forgey K7SCX), some on the record, some not. To this day, neither Mr. Gallagher nor anyone from the BOD has been willing to answer “Why?” Different people have asked that question in various ways to different members and to Mr. Gallagher, and with absolutely no variation, they always deflect. Same thing, if you ask about disqualifications, censures, etc. The standard answer on those is “We do not discuss personnel issues.” There is a slight problem with the fact that elected volunteer officials are NOT personnel, but ..clearly, that is the word in the script.
It is even on Ham Radio Now Podcast.
The founder of QRZ posted this: http://forums.qrz.com/index.php?threads/opinion-the-arrl-by-laws-need-changin’.594925/
It’s the 21st century and like Morse code, things move on. Closed door meetings where even observer participation is restricted seems like an obsolete management strategy. We’re more advanced than that and we need to start demonstrating this to the rest of the world lest we become the last generation to enjoy this great hobby.


It seems things need to change less we have a revolt and clubs start dropping out. Is that important to have clubs? Well currently clubs have to be affiliated with the ARRL to issue test sessions.

This hobby is dying and within 10 years could very well be ghost of itself.

Enjoy reading the links and the comments on those links. They can be funny if it wasn’t such a series issue for our hobby.

Darren S. Holbrook