From Warren Munro


The Battleship USS Missouri (tied up at Ford Island, Pearl Harbor) has 2 functioning amateur HF radio stations available to qualified amateurs 7 days a week during duty hours IF authorized by the SHIP (need proper licensing, a liability release and initially an escort) ONCE YOU GET ONTO  Ford Island and to the Ship.
USSMo A General-class license and some hands-on guidance will be required for unescorted HF operation, but (for current Technicians), classes at both  General and Extra class level and radio training will be offered and you are certainly welcome to visit now. Activation of a VHF repeater on the Ship is also on the soon-to-do list.

Smoother access to Ford Island may be offered in the future and (for now) my sincere apologies for rigorous Navy regulations.

Anyone interested in any of this, please e-mail me or call me 487-1863 or talk to me at the EARC meeting (tomorrow) Monday night (I will repeat this announcement then). Note, I have to leave after the business portion of the meeting.

To all, please forward to anyone who might be interested. Thanks.

I go by King Henry Six Whiskey Mike.