The news, both radio and TV, are having a lot of stores about the false alarm and who was to blame. Where are the stores about he failure of the medal in this instance?

Why was there no one on the radio or TV until about 30 minutes after the alarm, and that was national news not local?

Easy Button

If a high school junior can dial the DEM out of the phone book and get an answer and then retweet before anyone else, then why could the media not do the same thing?

Hawaii DEM thought the federal government had to approve a message correcting the error message.  A spokesperson with the Federal Emergency Management Agency told Hawaii News Now on Wednesday afternoon that FEMA’s first discussion with Hawaii emergency management officials occurred at 8:30 a.m. Hawaii time – some 23 minutes after the emergency alert was first sent. Turns out FEMA did not need to approve the message.

KHON2 News published the following timeline of the events.

Screen Shot 2018-01-17 at 5.27.52 PM.png

The Governor makes initial media notification at 9:30 and at 9:34 a.m. the Governor’s posted a message to his Facebook and Twitter accounts. The Governor did have a tweet on his page at 8:24 but how many people follow him and how may people listen tot he radio and TV? I would venture to say a lot of people don’t even have a twitter account, let a lone follow the Governor are DEM.

Why did it take the Governor 45 minutes after the phone cancellation to make his initial medal notification? Was  he worried about the questions he would get and not know the answers? Former Governor Abercrombie accused him of being AWOL. “In this instance, the leader was AWOL. In this instance, the leader completely dropped the ball. In this instance, the leader was apparently frozen in place,” said Abercrombie.

From Hawaii News Now: State emergency officials said additional time was needed to send the all clear because they needed to coordinate that response with federal officials on the mainland.

“It amazed me when I heard this. Oh well we couldn’t do that because we had to check with somebody on the mainland on Saturday afternoon if it was okay to tell them that people that they’re probably not going to die,” said Abercrombie.

Ige said previously that there is no automated way to send out a false alarm cancellation, which is why it took longer to notify people.

But Abercrombie said the governor and his staff should have directly alerted the media about the miscue immediately so that they could report to the public on the airwaves that it was a false alarm.

Abercrombie said that back in 2011 when the Fukushima earthquake and tsunami hit Japan, killing thousands, his civil defense and communications teams immediately contacted local television and radio stations and newspapers about a possible tsunami threat.

“The implication is that there was nothing in place that would have allowed the governor to instantly communicate to the public through the media and that simply is not true,” he said.

“First and foremost, when you’re an executive, and you’re in authority, you act on behalf of the safety and welfare of the people and you do that by taking control and taking command and that’s what you’re elected to do.”

The media also has to take some blame on this and not just point to the Governor and the DEM.

I ask a lot of questions here and I don’t know the answers. It was a good wake up call.

Darren S. Holbrook